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mOM doll + zkano

mOM doll + zkano

We’re finicky about our socks. Because every step of our production process happens in-house, we are able to keep a close eye on our products through every step of the manufacturing process. If a sock doesn’t meet our high quality standards, we’re not selling it—ever.

mOm doll

Every year, we donate our imperfect socks, called “seconds,” to various charities and causes,but still have a number of these socks on hand in the end. That’s where mOM doll comes in.

The dynamic Shivangi, an avid traveler and advocate for women in 3rd world countries, found our socks in Whole Foods. She approached us about partnering to use our socks as the materials used to make dolls for children in need. We couldn’t have said yes fast enough.

mOM doll is a 100% volunteer based non-profit organization advocating women and children. For each doll purchased, one is given to a child in need. mOM doll also provides families in need with food, housing and even education.

For the team at zkano, it’s been beyond inspirational to see something meaningful come out of what was once considered “imperfect.”We are excited to continue taking the recycle process to the next level, finding innovative ways to repurpose our socks.